- TLD domain for sale!
"Fashioner: A person who fashions, forms, or gives shape to anything."

Great TLD for sale! is a perfect domain for fashion related businesses and/or promotional services such as: on-line multistore, fashion blogs agregator, fashion brand, on-line fashion tv and others.


Why it's great?

Top Level Domain

Today almost all atracitve TLD are taken. Here you can grab one for yourself!

Easily Memorable

Domain name should be easy to memorize. Best if it is a dictionary word without any pronunciation variations and easy to spell. "Fashioner" has it all.


It is possible to register "Fashioner" trademark. With the domain you will also get an ISSN registered press title.

Industry Match

Fashioner is a logical match to fashion industry. It gives you a greater potential for retention among customers vs. generic name.

Dictionary Word

As "Fashioner" is a dictionary word with direct match to fashion industry, it will be applicable for a long time to come vs. domain name spelling based on a current trend.


It is unique and does not sound similar to other existing brands, nor mimic a naming pattern of existing brands. Thanks to that it will be easy to grow its own identity.

Name Length

It is great if your domain is short. This one is only 9 characters long single word. Shorter domains are easier to type, and easier to remember because they have fewer potential spelling variations.